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The Aleutia T1 is Designed for Africa


Solar powered computer for AfricaThe Aleutia T1 is a rugged, energy efficient desktop computer designed for reliability in remote areas. It consumes just 10 Watts of power, 85% less than a traditional Dell or HP desktop. Despite such low power consumption, the T1 features a new Quad Core 2.0GHz Celeron Processor and- break through High Definition Graphics, providing the best Performance Per Watt of any computer. Its unique fanless design and all-metal case allows the T1 to reliably work in rural areas where dust and high temperatures cause normal computers to fail, lowering Total Cost of Ownership through reduced maintenance costs.

Aleutia T1 computers have been used successfully to provide solar classrooms in remote parts
of Nigeria (since 2008), Zambia (since 2009), Kenya (2011) and now Ghana and Angola. Solar power is expensive and every watt counts. The T1 has been designed to provide future-proofe- d per formance but with minimal power consumption to keep solar costs low.
Moreover, 12V Solar batteries vary in voltage from 11.2 V (decharged) to 13.8V (fully charged), other 12V computers require a DC regulator to fix the voltage at exactly 12V or damage the components. The T1’s unique power supply can run on any D- C volt age from 8 to 20V so there is no need for a DC- r egulator and no risk to the components.

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