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What is the EBOKS?
The EBOKS is a product that has been designed and built in Kenya by Martin Muckle of Stonehouse Ltd. It provides a complete solution that allows the deployment of an IT lab anywhere in Kenya or Africa. It consists of energy efficient Aleutia computers, all solar equipment and the building to house the lab. 

EBOKS solar powered computer lab



Key Unique Selling points:

Appropriate Technology: the EBOKS is supplied with the only computer in the world specifically designed for Africa. The solar equipment provides off-grid power and the building is locally manufactured using robust and eco-friendly technology.


Cost-effectiveness: Because the EBOKS uses highly energy efficient computers the solar equipment costs are kept to a minimum. The rapid construction technology means time on site is minimized, so reducing building

Accessibility: The EBOKS has been designed to be impervious to the harsh conditions of heat and dust found in parts of Kenya. This means it can be placed anywhere and provide a long-lasting IT solution with no running costs.

Scalability: the EBOKS has been designed to be mass produced. All parts are pre-cut or partially assembled before being taken to the site where they are simply fitted together. This provides consistency of quality control and finish.

Why use the EBOKS?

Single source: There is no need to separately source computers, solar equipment or builders. The EBOKS is a complete solution from a single source.

Low cost of ownership: the EBOKS is entirely powered by solar so there are no power cuts and no bills to pay at the end of each month. The computers have no moving parts which means incredible reliability and low maintenance

Quality: the EBOKS utilizes top quality parts that are fitted together with a consistently high level of quality control. Any buyer will know in advance exactly what they are getting.

Suitability for Purpose: the EBOKS has been carefully designed to provide a comfortable working environment in any location. The lab layout is ideal for teachers and pupils to educate and learn.

Strength and Security: the EBOKS is built with a steel framework clad in tough magnesium board providing a strong, thief resistant building. The building is erected without the need of any concrete foundation or base.

Benefits of the EBOKS:Safaricom 47 in 1 project

Complete system: the EBOKS comes with Edubuntu, the Open Source operating system specifically designed for an educational environment. Edubuntu is very stable, virus free, has classroom management, educational and business software included.

Rapid deployment: the EBOKS can be built and commissioned with one week, including building construction, solar installation and computer network installed.
Training provided: instruction in the use of the system is provided. The training includes managing the physical functions of the computers, the use of the classroom management software and operating system orientation.

Eco-Friendly: the EBOKS uses energy efficient computers which is eco- friendly in itself. Also the building uses steel which means that no trees are cut down. The steel itself is made from recycling old cars etc. The steel has an expected lifetime of 200 years!

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